Catering Menu

We cater every event from casual to elegant. Below are our most popular dishes. Don't see something you would like? Be sure to ask us. Our chef can customize your menu to make your event everything you want it to be.   

All entrees are served with your choice of vegetable, starch, salad and bread and butter

Chicken Dishes
 $18.95-$28.95 per person
  1. Honey Lime Chicken (leg quarters or breasts)
    baked and served with our honey lime sauce
  2. Lemon Pepper Chicken (leg quarters or breasts)
    baked and served with our lemon pepper sauce
  3. Chicken Parmesan
    chicken breast traditionally breaded and shallow fried
  4. BBQ Chicken (leg quarters or breaasts)
    backed and served with our BBQ sauce
  5. Chicken Cordon Bleu, breaded chicken breast, stuffed
    with smoked ham and swiss cheese.
  1. Fruit N Cheese Tray 15ppl $44.99
    Fruit N Cheese Tray 30ppl $59.99
  2. Veggie Platter15ppl $19.99
    Veggie Platter 30ppl $39.99
  3. Pineapple rolled in toasted coconut 30ppl $65.00
    Bacon Wrapped Dates 30ppl $59.99
  4. Grilled Veggie Platter 15ppl $39.99
    Grilled Veggie Platter 40ppl $59.99
  5. Sandwich wrap platter 16ppl choose 8 wraps $45.99
    Lunch meat, paprika chicken salad, veggie choice of cheese
  6. Deli boxed lunches: Sandwich or wrap, $10.99 each
    potato salad, apple or cookie, bottle of water
  7. BBQ sauce 12oz bottle $9.50
    Pulled Pork by the pound $14.00
  8. Bread pudding 30ppl $24.00
    apple pie purses 15ppl $30.00
  9. Banana Pudding 15ppl $24.00
    Cookie Trays 30 cookies $15.00
Pork Dishes 
$18.95- $24.95per person
  1. 10oz. Apple chutney Grilled Pork Chops
    Pork chop topped with apple cinnamon chutney
  2. Stuffed Pork tenderloin
    tenderloin stuffed with goat chesse, cranberries and spinach
  3. Traditional Bone In Pork Roast
    10 hr slow smoked roast served with potatoes and carrots
Beverages/ services
Beef Dishes
$27.95-$35.50per person
  1. Beef Burgundy- top sirloin cut of beef served
    in a burgundy wine sauce with carrots, onion and celery
  2. Hillbilly Wellington- Filet cut of beef cooked with
    mushroom sauce served baked in a pastry begger's pouch
  3. 12oz New York Strip Steak
    with grilled onion, peppers and mushrooms
  4. Southern Beef Pot Roast- served traditionally
    Beef roasted with carrots, potatoes and celery
  1. Coffee Service $2.25 per person
    includes set up of regular and decafe coffee for service
  2. Cold beverages, in vintage bottles $2.75 per person
    pick 4 flavors
  3. Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, rootbeer, cream soda, orange
    cherry, Mt Dew or Dewshine
  4. Server $12.00 per hour
  5. 15% service fee is automatically added to food orders
    of $1000.00 or more.
Vegetarian Dishes
$18.95- $22.75 per person
  1. Veggie Napoleon layered puff pastry
    Grilled squash, eggplant and roasted red peppers
  2. Portabella Steaks
    Marinated whole portabella caps
  3. Egg Plan Parmesan w/ marinara
    Traditionally breaded eggplant shallow fried