Dinners and Sides 
All of our side dishes are made from scratch on house
So good you will want to order them alone. ($5 each a la carte)  
All wraps, sandwiches and burgers came with your choice of one of these at no additional cost
  1. $5
    Brown Sugar Bacon Mac N Cheese
    That's right brown sugar and bacon mac this mac sweet and savory
  2. $5
    Potato Salad
    Featuring our house made dill sauce. Potatoes, onion, celery and eggs
  3. $5
    home-made tangy slaw sauce, shredded cabbage and carrots
  4. $5
    Red Beans and Rice
    Red beans, rice and tomato with Chefs special blend of spices
  5. $5
    Hand-Cut Fries
    Giant red skin potatoes hand cut and fried to perfection!
  6. $5
    Brunswick Stew
    Tomato based stew with pork and chicken. Potatoes, okra, onion, peas and corn
Dinner Options
  1. Brother Andy's Pulled Pork Dinner
    Brother Andy's Pulled Pork Dinner
    1/4lb smoked pulled pork, topped with a pickle, served with a side of coleslaw and a side of potato salad and 2 corn fritters
  2. Brisket Dinner
    Brisket Dinner
    1/4 lb smoked chopped brisket topped with caramelized onions served with side of coleslaw and your choice 1 other side
  3. Corned Beef Dinner
    Corned Beef Dinner
    1/4 lbs smoked corned beef served with 4oz side of cabbage and your choice 1 other side