Food Truck Catering Menu

  1. Minimum pricing subject time of year
    Please call 216-799-1477 for details and booking.
  2. Something for every event. We now have 2 trucks!
    The new addition to the family will feature Southern Desserts and milkshakes! But, can be booked with a pick two or pick three menu, or breakfast. Book the little truck as a dessert truck when you book the big truck and get the two truck combo discount!
  3. Pick 2 Menu
    per person pricing
    Our small truck Maw Bell offers the coolness of the food truck for those hosting smaller gatherings. 50-75ppl minimum Pick 2: pick two meats and two sides. Your guests order their choice of one each off the truck. (available for drop off as well, drop off includes salad)
  4. Pick 3 Menu
    per person pricing
    Maw Bell also offers Pick 3: same as the pick 2 plus a veggie option for your guests. They order their choice of one off the truck. (available for drop off as well, drop off includes salad)
  5. Entire Truck Menu
    per person pricing
    Want the BIG Daddy? Our larger truck (The Original) offers your guest our entire menu and price includes drinks for your guests. 75-100ppl minimum
  6. Hamburger bar with one side
    per person pricing
    This favorite offers you a hamburger bar with two tables of condiments and toppings of your choice (premium toppings my have additional cost). One of our chefs will man the grill and cook each burger to order as your guest pile on their favorite toppings.
  7. Pig Roast (Available with tow behind smoker and prep)
    per person pricing
    We will set up our tow behind smoker and smoke on site. You also get a your choice of two sides, choice of bread and an appetizer tray and sweet tea to enjoy with your pork! 50 person minimum. 15% Service fee included in pricing. Call today for more details.
  8. Golf outting? Steak N Potatoes
    per person pricing
    We have you covered for your golf outing or fundraiser. Each guest will get a steak, baked potato, corn on the cobb (when in season). Salad, bread and butter. 50 person minimum, 15% Service fee included in pricing. Add 5 gallons of sweet tea or lemonade $15.00
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