Food Truck Catering Menu

  1. Something for every event. We now have 2 trucks!
    The new addition to the family will feature Southern Desserts! Book the little truck as a dessert truck when you book the big truck and get the two truck combo discount!
  2. Southern Comfort Dessert Truck
    per person pricing
    Our tasty home- made southern comfort desserts are now available off our super cute tiny truck. Great for graduations and birthdays or as an addition to hiring the big t ruck. (Double Truck discount available)
  3. Little Truck Big Menu
    per person pricing
    Our little truck is also available to offer our Pulled Pork BBQ, Pulled Chicken, Signature Sloppy Joseph and a variety of our sides. Including Brown sugar bacon mac n cheese. Per person pricing includes drinks and 2 hours or service.
  4. Entire Truck Menu
    per person pricing
    Want the BIG Daddy? Our larger truck (The Original) offers your guest our entire menu. Price includes drinks for your guests and 2 hrs of service. 75-100ppl minimum
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