Lunch N Dinner Menu

All the great food from our food truck is now available for pick up, or you can relax and dine in with us at Hatfield's Goode Grub (The Pork N Bean)
Located at 16700 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, Oh 44111
Our family friendly, make your self at home atmopshere and self serve operation makes you a part of our family. 

Available 11a-close daily
Pork or  Chicken
served with choice of side
served with choice of side
  1. Devil Anse- Pulled pork sandwich $10.50
    pulled pork on white bun topped with slaw and pickles
  2. Pop Ken pulled pork Quesadilla $10.50
    pulled pork, caramelized onion, mozzerella cheese
  3. Maw Hatfield's Chicken Quesadilla $10.50
    bbq chicken, caramelized onion, mozzerella cheese
  4. Bacon Wrap add cheese $1 $9.50
    bacon, lettuce, tomato, bacon, dill sauce in tortilla
  5. Blue Ridge Chicken Wrap $10.50
    bbq chicken, bleu cheese, lettuce, dill sauce, in tortilla
  1. Old South: with chili $10.50
    mustard, slaw, pickle and raw onion
  2. Fued'n Burger: with a fried egg $11.50
    bacon, cheddar cheese, slaw, grilled onion
  3. All In Burger: with pulled pork $12.00
    cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onion, bbq and dill sauce
  4. Shroomy Swiss: with Mushrooms $10.50
    Swiss cheese, dill sauce, lettuce and tomato
  5. Carolina Blue: with blue cheese, peppers $12.00
    Bacon, lettuce, grilled onion and dill sauce
  6. Mac-n-cheese Burger: with bbq sauce $11.00
    brown sugar bacon mac n cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon
Everything else 
served with a side
Solo Entrees & side options
  1. Gady Gady Catfish Taco: one large burrito $10.00
    catfish, fish sauce, lettuce, tomato and slaw
  2. Veggie Wrap: add cheese for $1 $9.50
    sauted mushrooms, onion, peppers, lettuce and tomato
  3. Veggie Quesadilla: $9.50
    same veggies as the wrap quesadilla style with mozzerela
  1. Brother Andy's Pulled Pork Dinner $10.50
    pulled pork served w/ potato salad, cole slaw and corn fritter
  2. Smothered Fries: choice of pork, chicken, chili $10.50
    Fries, mozzerela and cheddar cheese, slaw pickle n sauce
  3. Tj Dog (ketchup, mustard, raw onion) $3.50
    Add chili, cheese, or slaw .50 each
  4. Brown Sugar Bacon Mac-n-cheese $5.00
    Hand cut fries $5.00
  5. Potato Salad $5.00
    Cole Slaw $5.00
  6. Red beans and rice $5.00
    Burk County Chili- add sour cream or cheese .50ea $5.00
  7. Brunswick Stew $5.00
    tomato based pork n chicken veggie stew